Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Peter Crouch, Censorship and Complaints

In the blog today: Peter Crouch ruins Tottenhams hopes of European glory, Frankie Boyle gets a slap on the wrist and I we have a look at some of the stupidist complaints to ofcom.

Almost a week after revealing The ACTOL National Cleavage Award winner for 2011, Katy Perry's title is already under threat. Last night, Peter Crouch's red card in the Quarter Final of the Champions League against Real Madrid showed himself to be an even bigger tit; literally head and shoulders above the rest. With two challenges reminiscent of Sunday league football, the lanky striker was given his marching orders, and 75 minutes later watched his team traipse off the field on the back of a 4-0 thrashing. Crouch would have no doubt made a difference with his unorthodox, giraffe-like approach and maybe spurs would've had a chance, but as it is they have less chance of qualifying than Michael Barrymore has at getting a lifeguard job.

I'm a huge fan of Michael Barrymore and his early work with Strike It Rich and My Kind Of People, so that last joke is nothing more than a cheap shot for a laugh. Nowadays there are no presenters like him. He was funny, he was clever and he was risqué, but you can't get away with that any more. Presenters have to be very careful in what they say as there is a chance that someone watching will take offence and complain. In the past few days, Frankie Boyle's joke about Jordan's son Harvey has been censured by Ofcom amid over 500 complaints. First of all, it was an extremely harsh joke, but Frankie Boyle is known to produce this kind of material constantly and it is what has made him famous so if you don't like it, don't watch it. There are plenty of other programmes on TV if you don't want comedic abuse, you could watch Pingu, Cash In The Attic or Springwatch (but even they talk about tits).

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross had similar problems in 2008 when 10,000 people complained about a prank phone call. Why listen to a show like theirs if you are easily insulted? The UK is a country of complainers and the trend seems to be increasing and becoming more petty. Ofcom have also received 157 complaints from viewers when Top Gear presenters called Mexican people lazy and 7 people complained when a student with the word "fuck" written on his forehead was interviewed on the BBC News at Six.

The most ridiculous complaint award goes against TV programme The Pad, broadcast on TV channel Tease Me TV 2. This channel is owned by Playboy, is in the Adult section on Sky and the programme itself consists of woman encouraging people to call in to flirt. One person complained about this, saying woman on the screen was “adopting various sexual positions and behaving in a clearly overtly sexual manner”. I don't know what the viewer was expecting when they tuned in, but the world is going mad.

I have yet to receive a complaint for my weekends work, which involved stealing a friends garden gate and hiding it in another friends' hallway. If anyone would like to complain, please go here Ofcom Complaints and never come back!

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