Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Apprentice

It has returned. BAFTA Award winning The Apprentice is back for it's 7th Series and will no doubt be full of more of Britain's idiots attempting to make money. It worries me that the candidates that appear on the show are allegedly among the best business brains in the country, it really does!

The line-up for the show has been announced, but before I go onto the latest bunch of halfwits, it is worth mentioning that this year the candidates are not vying for a job working for Sir Lord Mr Alan Sugar, they are competing to run a business which he will invest £250,000 in. Probably a clever move from the Sugar Monster as I wouldn't want the majority of the candidates on the show anywhere near my business...and I'm unemployed!

To see my take on all the candidates, check out my Apprentice blog @ DO IT NOW!!

By Jon Shed with 1 comment


Do they even get money if they win? Just running a business with 250k in the bank sounds more like a job than a prize to me.

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