Saturday, 12 May 2012

Queen or no Queen? That is the question!

As we move from shakespeare's eloquent use of the english language into the modern era of txt spk, times have definitely changed. The pen is no longer mightier than the sword. The pen is, in fact, no mightier than a 9 year old chav hiding behind a twitter username. In modern times where Posh and Becks are seen as royalty, what place does the once revered and much respected queen have. Our queenie may be one of the most powerful women ever to grace the earth, but has her appeal worn off, much like the novelty of birthdays for the over 30s.

There are two sides to every argument: So what that she wears an elaborate object on her do Jedward. There are in fact a huge amount of people around the country that despise the queen and everything she stands for...again, just like Jedward. As we approach the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, a 60 year reign dating back to the days before Simon Cowell and his unwanted opinions, commemorated by a logo more accustomed to CBeebies, it is time to reflect on what she has achieved:
  • There is a bridge named after her
  • There is a boat named after her
  • She's got a very recognisable wave
  • She introduced us to Pippa Middleton's bum

Reason enough to keep an unelected monarch in a mansion with more toilets than Homebase? That's not down to us to decide. Or is it?! If Simon Cowell had his way, we would all be looking forward to the upcoming series of "The Throne Factor" and he'd be pulling his trousers ever higher to prevent his pockets full of gold ever falling below his belly button! Please feel free to vote and leave comments!

By Jon Shed with 1 comment


Every time I hear of the British Monarch I get upset and wonder why the people don't drop the Monarchy part of their Constitutional Monarchy. Go middle class!

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