Monday, 28 March 2011

The Budget, More Protests and Upside Down Dogs

As George Osborne walked out the front door of Downing Street with this years Budget, he must've known he would soon be one of the most hated men in the country. Holding the famous battered red briefcase in front of him like it was full of explosives, and looking like a pretentious twat, he took his place in front of the journalists and following Gaddafi's lead, proceeded to ruin the lives of thousands of people. Marches followed in London, with thousands sticking up a defiant middle finger to all the cuts, George Osborne being one of them!

The biggest story to come out of the Budget in my opinion was the rise in alcohol prices. A few months after the VAT rise made pints start costing ridiculous amounts such as £3.07, they have decided to put another 4p duty per pint on top. With 15p increases in the cost of a bottle of wine and a 54p rise on the price of a bottle of spirits, it seems that drowning our sorrows this year could cost that little bit more. As an ex-student, this won't put me off drinking alcohol, it'll probably just stop me spending money on a portion of chips for the stumble home!

With fuel prices dropping by 1p per litre, George Snobsborne seems to have finally done something right, but if you look through the smokescreen, how much will this really save you? After much estimation, pummelling of a calculator and using the full extent of my Maths degree, I have worked out that this cut is saving me a grand total of £0 per year - mainly due to the fact I don't own a car. If you do have a car though, you are inevitably one of the people who gets EXACTLY £20 of petrol...or at least tries to, so you won't really notice a drop in the price as you will still be paying the same price at the pumps. Yes you will get more petrol, about 100ml on average or the equivalent of 3 mini milk ice lollies, but this additional fuel won't even drive you an extra mile!

It's for these reasons, as well as the cuts to the NHS, Police and Military amongst many others, that there was an organised march through London on Saturday evening. The country at large are not happy with the Tories and their lapdog Lib Dem sidekicks making cuts to the core services of our nation. Unemployment is high, jobs are few and far between and The Only Way Is Essex is still on TV. I am worried about the future of this once great nation, and so were thousands of others that took to the streets a few days ago. There were also a couple of hundred people who took to the streets purely to cause trouble and ironically cost thousands in policing that needn't have been spent. They vandalised Trafalgar Square, knocked leaflets on the floor of a branch of Santander and climbed on a roof. To be honest, as far as riots go, we are useless! In the Middle East, riots have led to wars and have forced Mickey Rourke lookalike, Gadaffi, to take his army of attractive female bodyguards with him everywhere he goes. In London, riots have led to 201 people being arrested and David Cameron has gone for a run with a couple of sweaty blokes.

In the style of The One Show, I will now completely change topic with no conceivable link to the previous discussion at all and talk about upside down dogs. Yes, you read that correctly, people are laying their dogs on their back and taking photos of their faces. This makes the dog look like it's smiling, and if I'm completely honest, it's bloody genius! Here's a selection of my favourites (click the image to see it enlarged).

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yay finally lower fuel prices, was about time

We can praise the fact that fuel prices have gone down .. a little, but with summer around the corner and the Libya situation heating up I can only seem them raising in a couple months.

fuel will never be cheap again.. until it's gone

Awesome blog man! Keep up the good work! It will pay off!

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