Monday, 21 March 2011

Rebecca Black at Reading Festival and other leaks.

In a week where there is military action in Libya and continued unrest in the Middle East, other big news has just broken. The Leeds and Reading Festival lineup has been leaked and a possible surprise act could be joining it.

There are highly unsubstantiated rumours from a number of unreliable sources today who are claiming Reading and Leeds Festival are jumping on the Rebecca Black bandwagon. They say that Rebecca, 13, who has been an internet 'sensation' with dreadful song 'Friday' is due to headline Friday night at the annual festival in Reading. We have also been informed that fellow headliners, My Chemical Romance, are considering a duet with the California based schoolgirl, but this is yet to be confirmed. It is thought that due to many artists including George Michael, Barry Manilow and Chesney Hawkes, turning down the festival, organisers had been forced to search further afield for a popular act. Although not officially announced yet, and not featured in the leaked line-up due to rumoured ongoing contract negotiations, it is yet to be seen whether or not Rebecca Black would be a hit in the UK on the festival scene...only time will tell.

Confirmed artists in the leaked lineup for the Reading and Leeds festival include other headliners, The Strokes and Muse. Personally I can't decide whether I'd rather listen to the depressing ramblings of Muse or go on holiday to Libya, dressed from head to toe in Ginger Spice's Union Jack dress, screaming "Gadaffi is a bellend" from the rooftops of his palace. This is the extent of my hatred for Muse!

Other artists to play the festivals include Beady Eye (half of Oasis), Pulp, Elbow, 30 Seconds to Mars and Interpol. For the full leaked lineup, see the picture below!

By Jon Shed with 2 comments


i simply hate her,her voice,her looks,her friends,even her lyrics... im not a hater but she fails and makes me rage
music was never this shitty

I have no idea how people can take her serious and give her shows to play at -_-

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