Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Comic Relief

Before I start this blog, I promise I will not show any pictures of starving kids to try to guilt trip anyone into giving money for Comic Relief. Firstly, this is a humorous blog (i hope) and so this would be largely inappropriate and secondly the idea of this blog is not to beg you for money, but to have a look at some of the ways people are raising money this year.

This year, Comic Relief will take place on Friday 18th March (unfortunately, due to this scheduling, pop sensation Rebecca Black will be unable to make an appearance with her 'popular' debut song as she is rumoured to be out partying that night). 26 years since it's creation, Comic Relief has raised over £650million, helping charities in over 75 countries worldwide and making a massive difference every day of the year, which it is to be massively commended for. I don't normally give money to Comic Relief as I prefer to donate to my local charities and other charities that mean a lot to me, however this year, if I get to watch the whole of the Comic Relief show and don't have to see Lenny Henry attempting to be funny, then I may make an exception.

This year, Radio One presenters Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave are attempting to do a radio show for at least 37 hours. Some people may view this as radio hell and would rather listen to Jedward argue with each other about who sounds more like Louis Walsh or who's quiff looks more like a Baboon's arse, but personally I quite enjoy Chris Moyles's show so will no doubt be tuning in.

Other fundraisers have included a celebrity walk across the desert, a tightrope walk by Helen Skelton between the chimneys of Battersea Power Station and of course many smaller local fundraisers which will raise the majority of the money for the charity. Let me know what you have done in the comments!

The biggest talking point this year though is arguably #twitrelief. It has received much criticism and there have been many angry tweets from people commenting about the 'egotistical celebs' taking part. The idea of the scheme is that people can bid on ebay (here) for one of the celebs involved to follow them on twitter, as well as receiving a vareity of other prizes. I personally think it should've been called #twitterprostitution! I agree with the criticism to an extent, but if I was in their position, I would do exactly the same; they are using their status to raise money and at the end of the day I can't criticise that!! So far Lily Allen's tweet is worth the most at £3000 (here), whereas poor old Mary Byrne is worth only £78.32 (here), which is £3.68 less than Frank Skinner's oven gloves (here) and £126.68 less than Stephen Fry's frying pan (here).

If you disagree with the premise of #twitrelief, there is always the option to bid on #plebtwitrelief, an idea by @dawniepants and brought to my attention by @peacockpete whereby "us plebs offer something up as well as the celebs". He is currently offering a custom piece of art showing YOU in space and with 3 days left it is currently at £26 - view it here!

There are also many more items for sale for #plebtwitrelief (also called #twebrelief), on @dawniepants blog which can be found here http://inanityandthegirl.blogspot.com/.

Either way, give money if you want to and enjoy the Comic Relief show on Friday night (or go out clubbing and get absolutely Charlie Sheened!!)

By Jon Shed with 5 comments


Great blog!

I can't take the credit for such an idea, as this was brought to my attention by the magnificent @dawniepants.

No worries, though! Thank you for commenting and referring to #twebrelief, and giving it a bit of exposure! It really is appreciated.

Edited. Glad you enjoyed the read.

Hmmm I'm not quite sure if I'm doing anything for comic relief yet....

I think the twitter thing is ridiculous but that's just me. Like you though I prefer to donate to my local charities.

Yeah twitprostitution is right!!

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