Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Colonel Gaddafi, Earthquakes and Drunk Children

Another week and more news to discuss. There's more unrest in the Middle East, unrest underground in New Zealand and arguably the youngest drunk in a bar!

To start with, Colonel Gaddafi, a man who must have the same fashion designer as Lady Gaga, is refusing to stand down in Libya and instead shooting his own people, the very people he wants supports from. And he still claims, "My people love me. They would die for me". Well they are doing one or the other!! In my eyes, he's no Colonel Sanders...the greatest Colonel to ever live. I don't like Gaddafi now and unless he dies with a legacy of fried chicken to his name, I never will!

Big news this week is also of the tragedy in New Zealand, where a huge 6.3 magnitude Earthquake struck Christchurch with a death toll expected to reach 240. My thoughts are with all friends and family of people affected in the disaster.

To end though, whilst underage drinking is a constant talking point, I came across this wonderfully crafted video by Swedish short film maker, Johannes Nyholm. It centres around a 22 month old baby in a makeshift bar in Spain, who has a few too many tipples...so without further ado, the beautifully titled "Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas".

And here's a fact for you: Interestingly, the child featured is the 22 month old child of the filmmaker that features in the video, and by the looks of things, she has a long and prosperous future in the acting industry...either that or she'll end up an alcoholic before she can say Mummy (or it's swedish equivalent).

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